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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned that SRO's online catalogue includes the names of deceased persons. The SRO also acknowledges that accessing some of this material can be confronting.

Learn how to search our catalogue. Also follow some simple instructions which can be found at the top of the page located under the i button .

Register online to order records for use in the Search Room or as a digitisation request. You will receive a confirmation number for your request, and will need to visit the SRO to view any items you have ordered for viewing.

You can also submit a digitisation request through our main website. When requesting a digital copy you will be advised if the archive is suitable for digitisation and provided with information about the method of payment. Archives that are restricted, too fragile, or too difficult to handle without potentially incurring damage, will not be digitised.

You can export search results directly from the results page if you are logged in, or from the clipboard if you are not logged in. Once you have started your export, you will be asked to look at the jobs management page.
DO NOT use the reports button. Simply complete an item request, and the item will be made available in the Search Room.

Some archives are available on microfilm and the majority of these can be viewed in the Search Room during our opening hours.

Digital images that appear in the catalogue are provided for research purposes and any further copying should not be carried out without reference to the Australian Copyright Act 1968 and the SRO. For more information on digital image display see this webpage.

For more information about SRO and the State archives collection, please phone us on (08) 9427 3600, email us at sro@sro.wa.gov.au, or visit our website.