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Field Book No. 16 - John Forrest. Containing surveys in the Victoria and Murchison districts (Trig. work etc to go with 15)

AU WA S32- cons3401 FORJ/16

Map showing the Locality of the Caves between Capes Naturaliste & Leeuwin [b/w photographic print only].

AU WA S234- cons3844 409

Northampton 6/3. Plan of Lots & Roads in Northampton Township. Lots bounded by Harney, Hamersley & Onslow Streets by N. Lymburner dated 11/4/1905 [scale: 6 chains to an inch].

AU WA S235- 281

94/80 Chain Plan, sheet 10 [Tally No. 510208]

AU WA S981- cons5386 0552

94/80 Chain Plan [Tally No. 501582]

AU WA S981- cons5386 0551

94/80 Chain Plan, sheet 8 [Tally No. 501581]

AU WA S981- cons5386 0550

94/80 Chain Plan, sheet 7 [Tally No. 501580]

AU WA S981- cons5386 0549

94/80 Chain Plan, sheet 6 [Tally No. 501579]

AU WA S981- cons5386 0548

94/80 Chain Plan, sheet 5 [Tally No. 501578]

AU WA S981- cons5386 0547

94/80 Chain Plan, sheet 4 [Tally No. 510207]

AU WA S981- cons5386 0546

94/80 Chain Plan, sheet 3 South [Tally No. 501577]

AU WA S981- cons5386 0545

94/80 Chain Plan, sheet 2 North [Tally No. 510206]

AU WA S981- cons5386 0544

94/80 Chain Plan, sheet 1 [Tally No. 501576]

AU WA S981- cons5386 0543

93/80 Chain Plan [Tally No. 507816]

AU WA S981- cons5386 0542

93/80 Chain Plan [Tally No. 501575]

AU WA S981- cons5386 0541

93/80 Chain Plan, sheet 3 [Tally No. 501574]

AU WA S981- cons5386 0540

93/80 Chain Plan, sheet 2 [Tally No. 501573]

AU WA S981- cons5386 0539

93/80 Chain Plan, sheet 1 [Tally No. 501572]

AU WA S981- cons5386 0538

200/80 Chain Plan, sheet 3 [Tally No. 501748]

AU WA S981- cons5386 0774

J. Cowle - plan of Brecknock and Camden Harbours on the North-West Coast, September 1865.

AU WA S50 cons3423 005B

4/80 Chain Plan, sheet 1 [Tally No. 501087]

AU WA S981 cons5386 0013

Mahogany Creek 246. Plan of Mahogany Creek Townsite showing Lots 55-103 between Craven Rd and Gill St, vicinity of York Rd, Jacoby St, Phillips Rd and Railway line (later additions) by J. S. Waltham.

AU WA S235 cons3868 234

Return of persons on the premises of Thomas Hushaw

AU WA S4162 cons101 008

Return of persons on the premises of Josiah Woodrow

AU WA S4162 cons101 063

Return of persons on the premises of Samuel Willis

AU WA S4162 cons101 061

Return of persons on the premises of James Whitely

AU WA S4162 cons101 062

Return of persons on the premises of Joseph Pyke

AU WA S4162 cons101 059

Return of persons on the premises of George Pidgeon

AU WA S4162 cons101 060

Bendering Sheet 1 [Tally No. 503732].

AU WA S2168 cons5698 0112

Return of persons on the premises of John Nelson

AU WA S4162 cons101 058

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