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Reserve 846- 870, 396A, Police Reserve (Mt Barker) 2276, 156 and Reserve 849 (Quindabellup Reserve), surveyed by Evans, plotted by Forrest, Fieldbook2 [scale: 8 chains to an inch].

"Locations as marked on the ground by Asst Surveyor Chas Evans 1870. Plotted by Alexr Forrest May 1871". Annotation over Reserve 396A [Police, Mt. Barker] "The survey of this Reserve is not very plain in Book. I cannot vouch for it being correct. ...

Peter Brown to H.W. Reveley

List of men allocated to the Civil Engineer's Department. James Smith, Thomas Davis, William Hokin, John Ferguson, S Knight, John Hall, John McKail, George Cameron.

Peter Brown to John S. Roe

General regulations and instructions relative to Crown Land. Regulations for the guidance of those who may propose to embark, as settlers for the new Settlement on the Western coast of New Holland

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